Return to Dead Horse Canyon: Grandfather Spirits (Book II)

When Charlie Littlewolf and Sara Reynolds discover why her husband, Bryan, was murdered, their lives change forever. While Charlie swore to avenge his white brother’s death, the path to do so remains unclear. Meanwhile, his job with Lone Star Operations provides the opportunity to use his college education and earn a generous income.

However, it conflicts with everything he knows to be right. Is violating the Earth wrong or not? Little does he realize that his work will ultimately return him to his people on the Northern Cheyenne reservation where his true destiny will manifest in ways he never imagined.

Meanwhile, Sara is determined to fulfill Bryan’s last request to expose the government corruption as well as the lethal forces that took his life. Releasing the scandalous Top Secret data via WikiLeaks infuriates those with much to lose, who place a high price on her demise.  Her response gets a bit too personal, subsequent efforts to silence her forever closer to home than she realizes.

While miles apart, each struggles with life-threatening situations inspired by their dedication to Bryan’s legacy. Their lives remain entangled through a series of everyday decisions and circumstances that define a future wrought with unknowns for them both.


Firebird Book Award

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Return to Dead Horse Canyon: Grandfather Spirits won in two categories, 1st place in Multi-cultural fiction, and 3rd place in Cross-genre fiction.

Per Speak Up Talk Radio’s press release, “Authors and publishers from around the world submitted their work to the Firebird Book Awards. Two judges from a select panel of 23 judges read each book in its entirety and independently scored each entry. All judges commit to a set of standardized criteria that evaluates the quality of the writing as well as production aspects. Only entries with the highest of scores were awarded the coveted Firebird.”

It’s tricky to submit a sequel to a contest when there is a backstory that comprises an entire book, but this one clearly held its own! As always, the authors are grateful to have their work acknowledged by this prestigious award.

Book Excellence Award Finalist

Like its predecessor, Return to Dead Horse Canyon: Grandfather Spirits, was chosen as a finalist in the Book Excellence Awards. If you’ve ever been disappointed by a sequel, in this case that is not something to worry about. You’ll find more suspense than ever with a self-contained plot, even though it carries on the story begun in the first book with more to follow in book three!

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Return to Dead Horse Canyon: Grandfather Spirits (Dead Horse Canyon, #2)