Return to Dead Horse Canyon: Cheyenne Medicine Spirits (Book II)

Charlie’s position with Lone Star Operations changes when they realize he can read the earth and what lies beneath. After locating an oil deposit, the subsequent drilling operation encounters a situation that threatens to claim his life.

Upon leaving the hospital, he’s troubled by lingering symptoms for which the only apparent help lies with his own people on the Northern Cheyenne reservation in Southeast Montana. Upon his arrival, he’s taken in by his uncle, who’s the tribe’s medicine man, and teaches him how to deal with the accident’s after-effects. It’s increasingly clear his life will never be the same again.

Meanwhile, when Sara uploads Bryan’s data to WikiLeaks, the reaction is far different than expected. The President dismisses the scandalous PURF project as perfectly legal, leaving her devastated that she failed to fulfill her husband’s dying request. Realizing that the information needs a more personal touch, she comes out of the shadows to air her story.

PURF’s beneficiaries are not out of the woods, however. The facility will be completed in phases. If Sara’s protests gain public support, Congress could withhold funding. Thus, silencing her is back on the table. As a result, the security team is back in business. This time their activity lacks government auspices, increasing their lethal potential.

Concerned for Sara’s personal safety as her TV appearances continue, her father employs a bodyguard. When the condo behind Sara’s comes up for sale, he buys it so her hired protection is close by 24/7. The place is a wreck, stripped down to the studs, which gives them the opportunity to build a secret entrance between the units, which has unexpected and potentially lethal consequences.

Will Sara survive the nefarious attack that leaves her clinging to life by a thread? Or give up and join Bryan where pain and misery no longer exist?

Planned Release: Summer 2021