Revenge of Dead Horse Canyon (Book III)

Preferring to die at home rather than in a New York City hospital, Sara returns to Colorado when Charlie promises to help her regain her health. Subsequently, he and his uncle perform a successful healing ceremony. Sara then resumes her cause with a series of viral podcasts that expose the corruption that cost her husband, Bryan, his life.

Having promised his grandfather, Eaglefeathers, that someday he would complete his four-day ceremonial fast, Charlie returns to Eagles Peak to do so. At this time he experiences a series of visions that reveal the full scope of his destiny.

A pan-nation pow-wow is scheduled for later that year. Has the time come at last for all tribes to band together to fulfill Black Cloud’s curse as well as another 19th century prophecy?

Phase I of the PURF complex is complete. A gala open house to celebrate is scheduled to occur around the same time as the pow-wow. While the underground facility is filled to the brim with lobbyists, contractors, and government officials, not far away a host of First Nation Americans are entrenched in a ceremony celebrating an ancient prophecy that promises to restore them to their land.

What could possibly go wrong?

Planned Release: Spring 2022